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Reviewer: C.M. Ledin
Review Date: July 8, 2014

"[P]lease, don’t give us homes / until we’ve “earned” them / and don’t let us be an eyesore / on your stoops and sidewalks" from Kill us alive to kill us slower (5-8).

For the sake of…

Thank you so much for these kind words :D

Anonymous said: Are you trans?

yes I am! very much so :)

Hey Everyone!

I am asking for a bit of a favor. I am trying to raise money for a camera so I can make a film I’ve been planning for a while. It would draw heavily from my own life, and essentially be about my dealings with transsexuality. This would be a queer film with queer characters and address queer issues. Anything helps!

Sleeping in snow-drifts

snort the white noise
from the screens
milk yourself with
western thought

keep the hair long under arm
use your fluids to spike your mane

breathe basement show sweat
kiss the deathless girl dreading debt

the dream-glow snow moves in
we freeze together, siamese twins



postured with prosthetic leg
licking love from lava rocks
smoking sod for soiled sense
paint placenta with pollutants

grow out your eyebrows
learn the names of the flowers
die a sliver every day
tongue-kiss the pain

so at least it loves you

hair glue

fed myself on bark and bees
blessings bored with my black guts

kissed me like you tongue that shrine
to nothing, to no one, nevermind

we’re gutter gals gutting gangly pigs

not the snouted kind
but the cops aligned

you’re my alley cat
nails in your baseball bat
shine these knuckles, brass
on his handlebar stache

the ark or the ark

this Hasidic boy
keeps his payot long
smokes a cig a day
ties his tefillin strong

climbed a mountain peak
just to see the earth
but he heard G-d’s voice
saw a fountain’s birth

from within his chest
spilled the sins of all
had to dry his eyes
so he wouldn’t fall

I stopped dressing like myself in self-defense


smelling like my Rancid shirt
my hair in spikes, mimicry
of my stomach when I spot
the Christ followers shrieking

talking of the “murder” of fetuses
by the poor, the raped, and those
baring scarlet burns of incest
ignoring the slaughter in their favorite book

they whisper “faggot” under their breath
as I pass, never understanding my kinship with the anarchist Jew they whitewash

keep us alive to kill us slower


let us root through the waste
dropped from the sphincter of
the Capitol building onto the
ghettos we crafted from our dead

please, don’t give us homes
until we’ve “earned” them
and don’t let us be an eyesore
on your stoops and sidewalks

don’t bathe us,
then make damn sure
to complain about the stench

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